Why So Serious?

I’m no film scholar. I’m certainly no art expert, I can’t tell you the director’s reasoning behind certain camera angles, and I have no interest in what makes a movie Oscar-worthy.  I do, however, enjoy judging films based on my personal preference and their entertainment value (like almost everyone else in the world). For example, I know the Dragonball live-action movie sucked, but I enjoyed it because I was a fan of the animated television show “Dragonball” (and “Dragonball-Z”) and the movie evoked a strong sense of nostalgia and longing for the old, simpler days. I hated “Citizen Kane” because it was a slow-paced character study, the likes of which will put me promptly to sleep 99% of the time. As narrow-minded as this perspective may seem, the real interest I have in this class is expanding my taste in movies and learning to make deeper, more profound connections. I hope that a more in-depth knowledge of philosophy can help me appreciate films for more than the simple viewing pleasure to which I am accustomed.

In terms of my favorite movie, I couldn’t choose just one. In fact, I doubt I would even choose a movie; recently I’ve been much more into TV shows such as “Archer” and “Game of Thrones.” Instead, I would rather identify that one aspect of movies and shows I look for while watching them, which is undoubtedly humor. I cannot stand movies that are too focused on “being provocative” to poke even a little bit of fun at themselves (“Citizen Kane,” I’m looking at you). They don’t have to be comedies; “Game of Thrones” is about as dramatic and somber as can be, but there are plenty of subtle jokes that a careful watcher will notice. Perhaps this speaks volumes to my tendency to avoid important decisions and serious situations in life, but I’ll wait until we’re further into the semester before leaping to THAT particular conclusion.

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