Something’s different…

When the dog is still there…

When the dog disappears…

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One Response to Something’s different…

  1. zjacokes says:

    Are you sure there’s even a difference? From these pictures it’s a little hard to tell, I’d have to go back and rewatch it to make sure.

    But from what I can tell, the top one seems more fantastical in that it has all sorts of whirlygigs and thingys going on in it, whereas the bottom one after the dog is gone seems more solid, concrete, even more real? This could be a subtle hint from the director that at this moment, she was truly in the real world where her dog does not exist.

    This could be countered by the fact that the background scenery and camera images are still blurred slightly and everything else remains the same, but maybe the director is trying to suggest that reality and virtual reality are so intertwined that the characters in the movie literally would not know reality if it hit them in the face (which it does, metaphorically, in class real [or does it??]).

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